No one tells our vision and commitment to service and caring for our residents better than the residents themselves! View the testimonials below to get a better idea of what life at Chateau Valley Center is like from the people who live here. In addition to our residents, we’ve received amazing feedback from their families as well, who’ve graciously allowed us to share their stories.

There is a huge variety of choices for activities

“As an assisted living resident, I genuinely appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of the care staff. They are always prompt, respectful, treat me with dignity and I consider them friends. They show compassion not only to the residents they care for, but to each other as well. This is important. Everybody here has been good to me.”

“There is a huge variety of choices for activities here. Our activity program and staff are energetic and creative and unbeatable. If you have a suggestion for an activity — you name it, and our activity director will make it happen. I particularly enjoy the many excursions and the variety of choices. The fact that the Chateau always makes an effort to accommodate me and my walker on the bus is something I genuinely appreciate.”

--Shirley Bruce, Chateau Valley Center

Testimonial from Shirley

This is the place where we can really retire

“As Nancy’s illness progressed, it felt safe to be in a place that could provide care and support when needed. In addition, the fact that there is free door to door shuttle service between the Chateau and anywhere you need to go on the Valley Medical Center campus meant that we were able to get Nancy to her doctor’s appointments with ease and in a matter of minutes. This is a huge advantage of Chateau at Valley Center.”

"I stayed because Nancy and I always said this is the place where we can ‘really retire’ and spend more time with each other, and less time doing yard work and work around the house. After Nancy passed, I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather be. I stayed because I have made so many friends here. This is a very neighborly community of residents who care about and look after each other. Frankly, it’s a godsend.”

-Glen, Chateau Valley Center

Testimonial from resident Glen

What can we say: location, location, location!

“What can we say: location, location, location! We were one of the first residents to sign up for an apartment before the Chateau broke ground. We love being close to the campus of Valley Medical Center and the free door to door shuttle service sure takes some of the stress and strain out of seeing the doctor!”

“This is our home—from the elegance of the dining room and common spaces, to the privacy and comfort of our spacious and well-appointed apartment. We just love curling up in front of our gas fireplace in the evening.”

“We’re just very happy with this place. We mean it—we’ve really got a good thing here.”

-Don and Dar Hawley, Chateau Valley Center

Testimonial from Don and Dar